Mind manipulation in the work of secret services.

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Who decides according to your information, makes the decisions you want. It is the unwritten creed of intelligence services. In this context, we can ask quite reasonably who is actually the most powerful person in the world.

Nevertheless the beginnings of the manipulating the public opinion were in the times of early development of trade. A salesman was standing in front of his little shop, luring customers by words to come nowhere else bot to his shop. Later on, shop windows and bill boards emerged, followed by newspaper ads. At present, there are ads on TV and large bill boards.

Nowadays, the brain hunters of intelligence services operate in the same manner as the salesmen standing in front of their shops. They lure pre-selected candidates by noble mission and nicely decorated attractive websites (paradoxically, less by how much they pay – not much in civil service).

But let us return to electronic and printed media. The secret purpose of the multinational ads is not just to sell a particular product . Few people know that such advertisements carry an embedded "Da Vinci Code" — a sort of hidden message. Secret services, employing teams of psychologists for latent control of human mind, like to recruit creative people for cooperation.

Mind control starts as early as in the early years of childhood, through computer games,  their content and technical design. Whoever has watched one of the Columbo episodes knows about the short-time subliminal images (not perceivable to the naked eye) shots inserted into the film with a targeted effect (in this particular case the desire to drink was initiated).

The classical and openly well-known way to control the social climate is through the media. Targeted information can be used in the given country to initiate riots and cause the fall of the government – and the establishment of an allied ruling regime. The agents – or friends, if you want, of intelligence services include many journalists from various media.

The power of propaganda was used by both sides in the times of the cold war. The U.S.A. dominated with the Voice of America radio station . Free Europe and the Radio Liberty maintained democratic awareness in the countries of the Communist bloc. The dangers resulting from the power of democratic ideas were perceived by totalitarian regimes so much that they invested considerable financial means to interfere electronically with the signal of these stations.


The power of thought bit into and tore down the Berlin wall. Let it always be used only for the noble goals.



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