Parapsychology and Secret Services

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The desire to influence man's behavior and thinking and see his or her thoughts is as old as the humanity itself. It is apparent even in the animal kingdom. To estimate a opponent or a partner in communication (in the broadest sense of the word – hence also non-verbally) was often the condition for survival and selection of high-quality individuals.

Is it possible to detect a person's thoughts, influence his or her beliefs, attitudes, and often also somatic activity at a distance? It is possible to locate distant objects and determine their purpose by sheer force of mind? Some say it is. And all of this is dealt with by parapsychology.

Parapsychology is considered a controversial scientific discipline. It examines the evidence of mental awareness or the impact of external objects without interactions through known physical means. Most of the objects studied fall into the area of "mind on mind" influence (such as extrasensory perception and telepathy, the mind on environment" influence, such as psychokinesis and "environment on mind" influence, such as haunting). These capabilities are often commonly referred to as "psionics".

Extrasensory perception is a way of obtaining information about the outside world, which is supposed to be based on a previously unknown senses or forces of unknown nature, which facilitates the transmission of information.

All of the above was, of course, very tempting for secret services and therefore has not escaped their attention.

The Russians dealt with parapsychology at the beginning of the 1970s. The most famous parapsychologist Nina Kaluginovova showed her abilities in an interesting way indeed. Not only was she able to move objects without touching them, but also stop and then recover heart activity of a frog. This could be used for "clean elimination", when an agent endowed with such capabilities would cause cardiac arrest of a person of interest? The only question remains, what distance would be effective for the action. So far, no "unexplained" death of a significant person is known from the history.

Nina Kaluginovova tried to find out by extrasensory perception some information on what's going on in the Pentagon and the CIA headquarters using hand movements over the pictures of these buildings, and even affect the events in them. Is it possible to influence the thoughts and acts of a person (or a group) at a distance? Some individuals are convinced it is.

Americans were forced to catch up with Russians quickly. In response, they started the Stargate project. The most important parapsychologist was Pet Price. He gave evidence of his skills in astral traveling, in which the subject's body remains in a room but his or her immaterial astral body travels in space and is able to convey a visual and acoustic findings.

In one test he transported himself into an area in the U.S.A. and described the environment (a snowy hill, a forest, a building, some soldiers) and provided the exact coordinates of this place as well. Everything matched. There was an NSA base, kept strictly secret. Pet Price also mentioned the location of a nuclear weapon base in the former Soviet Union, which was later confirmed by spy satellites.

The CIA finished the research into parapsychology in the mid-1970s, however, the army continued in the research until the mid-1990s, when it was officially terminated on the ground that the results obtained by spy satellites and technological means are more accurate. Nina Kaluginovova ended her work in the mid-1980 stating that she was tired.

The area of parapsychology, however, is so tempting (and its research is relatively inexpensive) that is hardly believable that the secret service have abandoned it. Maybe parapsychologists are no longer staring at photos, maybe they do not sit in comfortable chairs in dark rooms any more. Maybe they watch computer monitors and track websites, for example, trying to use the force of their minds to penetrate into whatever and whoever hiding behind an IP address ....

Rastislav Schiller

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