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I like the intelligence services. Especially some of them. Their role in the world politics is still not appreciated. Currently, their activity is specified to combat terrorism and support groups standing in opposition to dictators' regimes (see Syria). In this case the persistent bipolar division of the world is clear as well.

An exception is the Mossad which (more than any other state security service) guards the integrity and security against terrorist attacks. This results, of course, from the immediate neighborhood of Arab countries.

CIA is now correctly oriented to human intelligence and focuses on events in Iran, which should be seen as a number-one threat to the world peace, not a potential but present one. Iran's threat is subject to its nuclear research, whose peaceful nature as declared is not trustworthy. Iran's desire to become one of the nuclear powers will become more and more apparent.

The U.S. Intelligence Group is facing shocks from Snowden's defection, who basically said nothing new - in which Russians are in fact right. Something is just done without public scrutiny, perhaps also with the the public tacit consent. And, that is correct. The price for the fight against terrorism is big. Not everyone can stick his or her nose into everything. Indeed, even ordinary interpersonal relations would not benefit from everyone knowing everything about the other one.

Some things are to be taken with oneself to the grave .... And maybe, anything can be revealed when the time comes. There are secrets in the Vatican archives, as well as databases of secret services.

NSA will recover quickly from the shock and "heat up" Echelon at its fullest capacity. With the present day's electronic communication and binary information exchange, e-spionage becomes more and more a necessity.

There is one positive thing about Snowden's defection. No agents working for the U.S.A. were revealed (at least, this fact was not publicized.) Double agent Rick Ames did much more damage. Snowden was apparently just an ordinary computer technician with limited access to information. The real reasons of his defection remain a mystery. Ideology, money, ideals, personal immaturity .....  It was clear that we would remain in Russia and that Russians will not extradite him. The bipolar division of the world persists and nobody is extraditing a defect agent to the other party. This would set a dangerous precedent. The U.S.A. reaction could be more generous.

The activity of all the intelligence agencies is currently aimed at maintaining local political power of the ruling regimes.

In the spirit of the time. the hidden activity of secret services should be targeted at global concerns - which of course does not have to mean in all cases any latent anti-government action.

Rastislav Schiller




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